Midland Drinking Glass-Houses


The Pilmay family (John and Peter) founded this South Yorkshire glass house after moving from Haughton Green near Manchester in about 1653. The site was owned by William Scott and John Pilmay junior married his son's widow Abigail in 1658. The glass house was still there in 1718. Abigail's will of 1698 survives and it shows that there were two furnaces operating, one producing common bottle and window glass and the other white (lead) glass. She had ashes from burnt vegetation (rape) worth £20, Salte peter, Red lead, Breeley sand, Manganeese, 'blew powder',moulds, 11 Greenhouse pipes (blowing irons), 10 white house pipes, tools belonging to both houses, stocks of glass 'both finte, Green ware and ordinary' and 'Fretting clay' for cruicibles. On her death the glass houses passed to John Scott and by his death in 1707, only the lead glass house was open. The site was located near the mill SE/293058. A Francis Morton was a glass maker on this site. Houghton only records the bottle works in his 1696 list. Denis Ashurst mentions a record in the Memorandum book of Henry Power of New Hall, Elland, near Huddersfield for November 1659 "...pays John Wilson his man 2s vid for fetching glasses from the glasse house at Silkstone".


Ashurst, 1987 & c1993.

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