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Pioneering Glass Making 1642-1662

During the seventeenth century, a recognisable glass-supply industry developed in England. In the third-quarter of the century it went from being a major importer of glass to becoming a major exporter. This fledgling industry even pioneered the coordinated lobbying of parliament to overturn taxes imposed by a government that had a budget shortfall. Many of the worst aspects we associate with modern business practice are recognisable in the records that survive from this period: monopolising markets, protectionism, fraud, intimidation, industrial espionage, defrauding customs, etc. There are also lessons that we could learn from the way they solved some of their problems. For instance their major problems were transport and logistics; what are our problems going to be when fossil-fuels run out?

Glass houses making drinking glass 1642-1661

The 'clickable' links opposite lead to pages describing what is known about individual glass houses that were probably making drinking glasses during the period. These are in England, but one American site is included below because it was set up by English glass makers and probably worked in the English style. where the glass houses were not working in a specific period, then the links are inactive.

Salem USA